The Iowa European Cultural Connection (IECC) is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non profit. Please email us if you are interested in learning more about IECC.

IECC Mission Statement

To connect all Iowans with European traditions, language learning and cultural experiences.

IECC Vision Statement

To become Iowa’s go-to resource for European cultural: history, language and culture.

DEAI Statement

One of our organizational values is equity. Whether by nature, nurture or other human or environmental intervention, differences in people exist. We recognize this reality and believe that everyone deserves to participate and enjoy the offerings provided by our organization regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, locale, health and ability status, or any other consideration. We welcome ongoing dialog about this topic and are committed to learning more through ongoing examination of the values, policies and practices that underpin our internal culture and public engagements.

Settled by European immigrants more than 150 years ago, Iowa has a strong European heritage: the Dutch in Pella, the Danes in Elk Horn, the Czechs in Cedar Rapids, etc. European immigrants denounced their heritage when they arrived to assimilate to their new home. Their descendants now have a desire to understand where they came from and to celebrate their roots. Christkindlmarket Des Moines will revive the community’s interest in European cultures and drive interest in DMEHA and the numerous cultural organizations across Iowa. We believe diversity is inclusive of all cultures; Christkindlmarket Des Moines is a way to remind the community of our rich diversity.

IECC gives committee members the platform to express their cultural interests. Our fundraising events allow members to share their passion for European culture, cuisine, music and traditions with the Greater Des Moines community.

Meet The Team

Sable Joseph

Amanda Sichra

Tammy Pierson, Director

Dan Johnson, Director

Mackenzie Dierks, Director

Abby Kessler, Director

Mike King, Secretary

Suzanne Hull, President